Training on telephone etiquette

This is for those who are required to speak on telephone very often and of course those who like to set up their audible visiting cards at a sharp angle.  A very great deal of contact with clients takes place over the telephone. That is why the telephone is a solid instrument for winning over new contacts and to retain old clients. How would you talk to a client on the telephone, establishing unifying links and closing that sales deal? I will show you those special set of skills and professional methods so that sound convincing and sell your product. Only when you get to know the tricks and have a good command of them, you will be able to use the telephone as a tool towards success.  I will pass on all these telephone specific tips to you in the seminar. Service oriented client-handling has its own compulsions and the telephone becomes an important and relevant marketing factor. We shall discuss and work on client satisfaction and consequent retention of clients. We shall also figure out how these factors can be positively influenced. The human voice is indeed an instrument of success.

Costumer retention over telephone 

Maintaining a positive relationship with old clients is by itself as important as winning new clients over. These are the days of fast obsolescence of products and also of hard and tough price wars, where servicing clients and the connection to clients is one of the few options to stand out from the crowd. A great deal of contact with clients takes place over telephone. The importance of the telephone as a selling instrument and a marketing strategy is enormous. If you learn to master the methods of utilizing the telephone to its full potential it will become a synonym for your success.

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pdf-icon Service-oriented client felicitation (farbig, 57 KB)

pdf-icon Service-oriented client felicitation (schwarzweiß, 57 KB)

pdf-icon Sale and marketing over telephone (farbig, 54 KB)

pdf-icon Sale and marketing over telephone (schwarzweiß, 54 KB)

This seminar is for individual training, as well as for groups.
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