Voice training

Voice Trainiing

In every encounter it is your voice which decides whether the impact of your words has an effect on the audience. Your ability to express in an appropriate manner is an important factor of your success.

I have designed the voice training course in a manner that will make you more self-confident, relaxed and yet you will be eminently presentable. Please do remember, successful persons are those who are mentally alert. Your voice, and the way you use it, is your most powerful means of expressing and communicating who you are.

You use your voice to make connections, to convey authority and competence, to create an impression. It’s your unique signature in sound.

If you’d like to develop the same power and range of possibilities when speaking in the German language, you’ll benefit greatly from voice coaching by Matthias Kirbs. Matthias is an experienced moderator, voice-over artist and trainer. He understands that your voice is an essential element of your personality, and that you can’t work on your voice without working on yourself too. His method of training takes into consideration the physical, emotional and vocal aspects of communication, providing you with a program that’s tailor-made for your individual requirements. Matthias also offers accent training to make you more effective and comfortable when communicating in German.

Target audience

This voice training course is particularly useful for those who must often speak in public. Here you will learn how to set up your audible visiting card.


Matthias Kirbs

You can obtain all information from the following PDF File:

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