The Voice

While every person of normal health has a voice, very few really know how to exploit its full potential. Almost all the professions in today’s world are dominated by communication professions involving the faculty of speech and the ability to master that art. In all conversations, lectures and speeches, presentations, conversations over telephone, discussions, conferences and negotiations your voice should  ideally always convey competence, contents and above all the personality behind the speaker. The demands that our contemporaneous times make on our voice are extraordinarily high: right from stress, uncertainty, long spells of lectures and speeches, poor acoustics of the halls, up to inattentive audiences. How does your voice come across? Do you sound confident, strong and powerful, convincing and yet likeable and competent?

According to the findings of scientific research the impact of a person depends 93 percent on the level and modulation of the voice, accompanied by a suitable body language but only 7 percent to the word-contents.
The goal is not inaccessible for you! Through a professional voice training course you too can learn how to effectively utilize the potential of verbal and non-verbal levels and create a free and confident voice.


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