Dialect reduction

Perhaps you do allow on occasions some element of inadvertent intrusion of some regional dialect? And in the same vein you would perhaps like to get rid of it and speak standard German so that you interaction with your colleagues and others in the society would be unexceptionable? Then it is only appropriate that you attend this seminar.   Standard High German has established itself firmly in all walks of professional life and has gone on to acquire an identity of the language in societal circles. Any strong regional accent, dialect or any other form of regional variation is associated with incompetence and inefficiency. A markedly pronounced dialect such as for example Saxon or Swabish does bring on difficulties in professional life and complicates the matter of easy assimilation and adaptation in a typically German set up. In this dialect reduction course you will learn the standard High German intonation and you will break down obstructive barriers. With the benefit of a clearly audible standard High German pronunciation, doors open up for you in interviews, conversations, lectures and even in ordinary everyday speech. You do convey on impression of being competent, flexible and positive person.

Skype training course

I offer the following seminars on dialect reduction either in full or in parts over Skype:

  • Dialect reduction (Saxony)
  • Dialect reduction (Swabian)
  • Dialect reduction (Bavarian)
  • Dialect reduction (Palatina)
  • Dialect reduction (North German)

Advantages of  Skype training

  • Any time, anywhere training.
  • Free software.
  • Easy, intuitive operation.
  • Excellent voice and video quality.
  • Less demanding system requirements.
  • Time-saving.

Do you find any course appropriate for you? 

Further information can be obtained from the following PDF–Data

pdf-icon Dialect reduction  (coloured)

pdf-icon Dialect reduction  (black and white)

The seminar is as much for groups as for individuals training.
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