Leading with personality

In every encounter it is your voice which decides whether the impact of your words has an effect on the audience. Your ability to express in an appropriate manner is an important factor of your success. I have designed the course in a manner that will make you more self-confident, relaxed and yet you will be eminently presentable. Please do remember, successful persons are those who are mentally alert. Your voice, and the way you use it, is your most powerful means of expressing and communicating who you are. You use your voice to make connections, to convey authority and competence, to create an impression. It’s your unique signature in sound. I offer the following training modules for managers:

01. Communications workshops for leadership skills in the process of change

This training programme offers highly effective communications strategies appropriate for supporting activities and measures to be taken for passing constructively through processes of change and handling crisis situations. You will learn step by step how to take into account the needs and wishes of yours colleagues and co-workers without losing the focus on the main aim of the given task.

02 – From colleagues up to the boss

As a part of your newly acquired leadership skills you may be called upon to shoulder superior responsibilities. You may have to run a whole spectrum of functions in your performance, take on levels of authority that you may not have handled so far and arrive at important decisions. With the training “From colleagues up to the boss” you will get to know all the necessary tools to successfully fulfill your leadership role.

03 – The communications professional

By using free speech you will get to know the nature and strategies of a thoughtful communication within a company. Along with concrete examples you will establish a communication culture in which everybody is willingly to use their potentials and work hard for success.

04 – Leadership style and leadership culture

Motivation is a concept which lies hidden below the surface in many uses of a language. But what exactly is this concept of motivation? How do I utilize this concept be a successful leader? And how is it that co- workers very often cannot motivate themselves to the desired extent? Only an official superior who knows how to motivate their employees can use their full potentials without thwarting their enthusiasm. How can I motivate my co-workers effectively so that the impression on them remains long lasting? In this training-course you will learn the necessary methods to awaken the leadership qualities that lie dormant within you.


Matthias Kirbs
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