Voice training, converse coaching and leading with personality

Matthias Kirbs Voice training is often taught with a very technical approach. Therefore the acquired knowledge usually seems to be contrived as it is not easy to reach any depth and the most important factor is not considered: your personality! One can indeed apply such formally imparted techniques but still you won’t be able to move your listeners. 

Mathias Kirbs has developed an individually customized training system, which integrates the whole personality as well as your body-language and voice expressions. In this way he has created an art with which you can reach out to the hearts of your audience. You will sound authentic, self-confident, competent and trustworthy – the four pillars of a successful communication. Or even better: the four pillars of success! Thanks to an individually tailored training program you become more self-confident and will appear competent and efficient. Successful persons are those with an alert mind. After all, the idea of personality stems from the Latin composita “Per Sonare”, meaning thorough tuning. Personality and voice are inseparable elements.

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