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Voice trai­ning, con­verse coa­ching and lea­ding with per­so­na­lity

Matthias Kirbs

Mat­thias Kirbs

Voice trai­ning is often taught with a very tech­ni­cal approach. The­re­fore the acqui­red know­ledge usually seems to be cont­ri­ved as it is not easy to reach any depth and the most important fac­tor is not con­si­de­red: your per­so­na­lity! One can indeed apply such for­mally impar­ted tech­ni­ques but still you won’t be able to move your lis­teners. 

Mathias Kirbs has deve­lo­ped an indi­vi­dually cus­to­mi­zed trai­ning sys­tem, which inte­gra­tes the whole per­so­na­lity as well as your body-lan­guage and voice expres­si­ons. In this way he has crea­ted an art with which you can reach out to the hearts of your audi­ence. You will sound authen­tic, self-con­fi­dent, com­pe­tent and trust­worthy – the four pil­lars of a suc­cess­ful com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Or even bet­ter: the four pil­lars of suc­cess! Thanks to an indi­vi­dually tailo­red trai­ning pro­gram you become more self-con­fi­dent and will appear com­pe­tent and effi­ci­ent. Suc­cess­ful per­sons are those with an alert mind. After all, the idea of per­so­na­lity stems from the Latin com­po­sita “Per Sonare”, mea­ning tho­rough tuning. Per­so­na­lity and voice are inse­pa­ra­ble ele­ments.

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