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Trai­ning for pla­ce­ment

Com­pact trai­ning – inter­view or con­ver­sa­tion during an inter­view

Please ima­gine for a moment that you have been asked to appear in an inter­view. That means so far you have suc­cee­ded in arou­sing the inte­rest of an HR rep­re­sen­ta­tive. All that remains for you is to seize this oppor­tu­nity and to cap this posi­tive influ­ence through an out­stan­ding pre­sen­ta­tion of yours­elf. In the course of this trai­ning module I will equip you with all necessary tools of work so that you will shine forth. 

I will indi­vi­dually pre­pare you for this important inter­view by rehe­ar­sing the respon­ses to all the pos­si­ble ques­ti­ons along with sepa­rate empha­sis on the aspects of your voice and pre­sence. We, you and I, have only one com­mon aim – that you come across in the Inter­view as a per­son sure of yours­elf with a noti­ce­ably inde­pen­dent pre­sence. We will also work on your sub­ject-mat­ter area. You would find my con­sul­ta­tion sup­por­tive of your cause. I will equip you with tools and you will suc­cess­fully sail through. Costs All pri­ces are inclu­sive of 19 % VAT. Cash pay­ment in case the invoice is per­so­nally han­ded-over Ent­rants, 45 minu­tes: 60.00€ Employees and skil­led per­sons, 45 minu­tes: 80.00€ Mana­gers, 45 minu­tes: 99.00€

Inten­sive app­li­ca­tion trai­ning 

This pla­ce­ment trai­ning is meant for those app­li­cants who wish to pro­ject a con­vin­cing and self-pos­ses­sed image of them.  For an suc­cess­ful inter­view the most important fac­tor is to create an self-con­fi­dent and con­vin­cing image of yours­elf and to respond to unex­pec­ted ques­ti­ons in a firm voice and an appro­priate man­ner. In role play­ing ses­si­ons we will simu­late various pos­si­bel situa­ti­ons that could arise in an inter­view along with the range of pos­si­ble con­ver­sa­ti­ons and the stra­te­gies appro­priate the­reto. We will care­fully ana­lyse the con­tents of any such pro­bable con­ver­sa­tion and the accom­pany­ing body-lan­guage, so that your poten­tial can be esti­ma­ted and heigh­te­ned. I urge you to uti­lize this oppor­tu­nity to train and pre­pare yours­elf to your advan­tage, so that you can pull it off with see­min­gly effort­less ease.

Fur­ther Offe­rings

Towards an orderly con­duct of a per­fect and con­fi­dent ‘self-pre­sen­ta­tion’ and opti­mi­zing your skills in this con­text I recom­mend the semi­nar for pre­sen­ta­tion trai­ning.

The objec­tive of this semi­nar is to impart a grea­ter degree of a fee­ling of per­sua­sive secu­rity and be con­fi­dent and con­vin­cing. This semi­nar addres­ses par­ti­cu­larly for those who are loo­king for good inputs for their lea­dership qua­li­ties. This Semi­nar is for groups as well as for indi­vi­dual trai­ning.

Do you find it inte­res­ting? 

You can obtain fur­ther infor­ma­tion from the PDF file men­tio­ned below

pdf-iconCom­pact pla­ce­ment trai­ning (colou­red)

pdf-iconCom­pact pla­ce­ment trai­ning (black and white)

pdf-iconInten­sive pla­ce­ment trai­ning (colou­red)

pdf-iconInten­sive pla­ce­ment trai­ning (black and white)

I offer this course as a com­pact trai­ning pro­gramme to help you with the pre­pa­ra­tion of an appoint­ment for pla­ce­ment, or an inten­sive trai­ning with cas­ting long term effect.