Standard intonation of High German

German is not your mother tongue and you wish to acquire the ability to speak fluent German with correct accent and pronunciation so that you can interact with colleagues in the society as well as in your personal life freely? Then you must opt for this seminar. Is it difficult for you to pronounce German vowels without straying into any kind of thickly accented  speech. Many foreigners have a good grounding in the grammatical rules but they have an outrageous accent, which prevents their assimilation and integration in the general professional life of the society. Standard High German is the lingua franca in the German professional life setting the tone in everyday speech and the general, common modes of expression in the society. Any strange sounding heavy foreign accent is out of place and is associated with feelings of reduced flexibility. You will learn standard High German intonation and break down the barriers holding you back. As you start expressing yourself in clear and audible standard German accent you will keep on adding invisible plus points to your score sheet in interviews, lectures and in ordinary every day speech. You will come across as an efficient and positive person with an admirable extent of social nobility. Note. This seminar is for both groups, as well as for individuals. 

Training on Skype

I offer this seminar also over internet on Skype. Skype offers free telephone and video conversations via Internet.

Advantages of training on Skype

  • Training session independent of limitations of a particular location
  • Software free of charge.
  • Very simple and intuitive operation.
  • Excellent speech and video quality
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Time-saving

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pdf-icon Standard High German pronunciation

pdf-icon Standard High German pronunciation

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