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If one wishes to be competent and effective with the different media, he/she must be competent, self-confident and credible. In many cases the impression unfortunately runs contrary:  the voice sinks and fails, the statements are not well thought through and fall flat, the facts are not well positioned or difficult to comprehend. And even more, the Interviewer hurls uncomfortable questions! Chances are high that one would go in a spin on such slippery slopes and whoever does so ends up by giving a poor account of oneself and the image of the Enterprise one represents. We offer you a training programme for voice, speech and personality training substantiated by sound principles of psychology and journalistic know-how. That is to say: we train you in matters of form, presence and contents for your appearance before the media. In concrete, you will benefit from double security. We will decide upon the concrete contents only in consultation with yore. We will naturally take into account your previous knowledge and experience with you having dealt with representatives of the Media. It is you who will decide upon the priority arrears, whether it should be interviews, conversation with the press, a purposeful preparation for a Talk-show or a communication over a crisis situation. In the journalistic part of this training we will put you through a cross fire, meaning that we will ask more or less all those uncomfortable questions that the representatives of the press usually ask. We will work on a suitable response strategy. So you will be prepared for confrontational situations too.  

Notes: This seminar is for groups, as well as for single individual training.

The training team would consist of Dr. Katrin Pruefig and Malthias

Dr Katrin PrDr Katrin Pr


Since 1986 Dr. Katrin Pruefig has been active as an journalist, reporter and interviewer. Since 2002 she has also been a media trainer in Germany as well as in foreign countries (in Afghanistan, Yemen and Jordan). She is the editor for news reports on the news channel ARD (Eins Extra) (Working pool of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany) and also appears as a reporter for the weekly roundup on business market on the NDR, Nord Deutscher Rundfunk (Northern German Broadcasting Corporation). As a reporter in the studio and behind the camera she has conducted more than 1500 interviews with various heads of states, heads of enterprises, entrepreneurs, heads of central banks, heads of national politico-economics, heads of trade and labour unions and also with actors, lottery winners, and ‘completely normal persons’. Her training at the Henri-Nannen-Journalistenschule as well as here continuing professional activities in various editing assignments (print, TV and radio) have equipped Dr. Katrin Pruefig professionally exceedingly well. She has an excellent knowledge of the requirements of media in general. For her exposure to her work as a journalist she has been considered to be absolutely outstanding and awarded several times.



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