Training on Skype

Train your audible visiting card while being at any place in the world Telephone call via internet over Skype and a web-camera are all that you need: you can connect to your coach any time and anywhere virtually without wasting time or expenses for travelling. As a new service we offer this new, effective and homely comfortable way of training.

We offer individual modules as voice training, dialect reduction, either fully or partly over Skype. Mixed forms are also possible, for instance: after an introduction in Hamburg we will continue further on Skype.

The following training modules over Skype are possible:

  • Individual training – voice and presence at work
  • Individual training – the voice as a business card
  • High German

The advantages of training over Skype

  • Training session independent of limitations of a particular location
  • Software free of charge
  • Very simple and intuitive operation.
  • Excellent speech and video quality
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Time-saving


Matthias Kirbs

You can obtain all information from the following PDF File:

pdf-icon  Training on Skype

You will need a PC or Mac with microphone and loud speakers or head-phones. The use of headset is recommend. With a webcam video conferences are possible too.  The software and the telephoning via Skype is free of cost.


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