Presentation training

For most people being called upon to speak in front of a group of people is an experience that usually induces a very great deal of anxiety and a sense of uncertain foreboding.
In my seminars on presentation you will become familiar with modern visualization aids and how these can be used with maximum effect. You will be able to win your audience by an excellent display of media and dedication to the task at hand.
In this presentation training you will additionally learn how to convey your contents in a lively and confident manner. Your efficacy and your ability to convince even a critical audience will reach new heights. You will strike the right chord in hearts.
An attractive and firm voice in combination with a confident and commanding presence invites respect, trust and radiates competence. Your body language, your voice and the precision of your choice of words will be harmonized according to your needs and your personality. I will teach you methods which will enable you to overcome your anxiety before delivering of a speech and also how to utilise stage fright constructively.

Target audience

  • Executives, directors, managers, employees and vendors who want to represent significant aspects and give convincing and people who hold professional lectures and presentations
  • Employees of public relations, marketing and advertising agencies


Matthias Kirbs
You can obtain further information from the following PDF File: pdf-icon Presentation Training
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