Balance Coaching

Balance Coaching

This work-life-balance series is specifically meant for those, who continually strive under stress. Higher, faster, more and more – these are the perfectionist demands that the society  requires of everybody.  The competitive pressure that the society places on us is so intense that the resultant state of complete exhaustion leads inevitably to a situation of utter burnout. Struggling under a sense of constant strain, continually being asked to deliver at an unrealistic pace, high-pitched expectations and competitive pressure put everybody through a gruelling stressful grind without having time for the necessary periods of relaxation, recovery and convalescence. In these individual training sessions of the work-life-balance seminars you will learn certain techniques of Qigong and also modern relaxation techniques under meditation, which will enable you to overcome stress-causing situations. These techniques also help building up a reserve of the necessary energy to cope with the challenges of our professional and private lives, as well as for an estimation of the stress load that one can carry. ‘Take everything gradually. Experience yourself slowly and in a simple and easy way. Look into your own inner world, your thoughts, your feelings, the perception of your body. Feel moment to moment’. In the individual sessions of the balance coaching seminar series, you will learn the techniques of Qigong * and modern, meditative relaxation techniques to cope with stressful situations and develop the necessary power to address our personal and professional everyday life, and your stress limits realistically.   *Qigong is a Chinese meditation style that encompasses both art of concentration and movements.  Deep Breathing and Meditation too belong to this art of Qigong. It combines the total of spirit that brings into its compass your power and a sense of quietude.

Target audience

The offer balance coaching is aimed at people who are often under constant stress and pressure to perform. These seminars are meant both for groups as well as for individual training.

Organization of Events What do you have in mind? A prelude to some big event with an exclusive start? Or do you wish to gift your colleagues and co-workers some special present under the title work-life-balance? I offer you an individual program meant for different groups and I can accommodate up to hundred participants or as a special Day’s Programme.


Matthias Kirbs

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