Training for placement


Compact training – interview or conversation during an interview

Please imagine for a moment that you have been asked to appear in an interview.  That means so far you have succeeded in arousing the interest of an HR representative. All that remains for you is to seize this opportunity and to cap this positive influence through an outstanding presentation of yourself. In the course of this training module I will equip you with all necessary tools of work so that you will shine forth.  I will  individually prepare you for this important interview by rehearsing the responses to all the possible questions along with separate emphasis on the aspects of your voice and presence. We, you and I, have only one common aim – that you come across in the Interview as a person sure of yourself with a noticeably independent presence. We will also work on your subject-matter area. You would find my consultation supportive of your cause. I will equip you with tools and you will successfully sail through. Costs All prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. Cash payment in case the invoice is personally handed-over Entrants, 45 minutes: 60.00€ Employees and skilled persons, 45 minutes: 80.00€ Managers, 45 minutes: 99.00€

Intensive application training 

This placement training is meant for those applicants who wish to project a convincing and self-possessed image of them.  For an successful interview the most important factor is to create an self-confident and convincing image of yourself and to respond to unexpected questions in a firm voice and an appropriate manner. In role playing sessions we will simulate various possibel situations that could arise in an interview along with the range of possible conversations and the strategies appropriate thereto. We will carefully analyse the contents of any such probable conversation and the accompanying body-language, so that your potential can be estimated and heightened. I urge you to utilize this opportunity to train and prepare yourself to your advantage, so that you can pull it off with seemingly effortless ease.

Further Offerings

Towards an orderly conduct of a perfect and confident ‘self-presentation’ and optimizing your skills in this context I recommend the seminar for presentation training. The objective of this seminar is to impart a greater degree of a feeling of persuasive security and be confident and convincing. This seminar addresses particularly for those who are looking for good inputs for their leadership qualities.

This Seminar is for groups as well as for individual training.

Do you find it interesting?  

You can obtain further information from the PDF file mentioned below

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pdf-icon  Intensive placement training (coloured)

pdf-icon  Intensive placement training  (black and white)

I offer this course as a compact training programme to help you with the preparation of an appointment for placement, or an intensive training with casting long term effect.

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