„In Charge, and Sounding the Part“ – gelesen in The New York Times


Ein sehr guter Artikel in der NY Times darüber, wie sich die Stimme verändert, wenn Menschen an Einfluss und Sicherheit gewinnen. Und es geht auch andersherum: Lerne Deine Stimme kennen und zeige, wer Du bist und wofür Du stehst! Wir lesen:

Science has not proved the trope that power changes everything. But it does suggest, at least, that it changes the vocal cords.

As people gain authority, their voice quality changes, becoming steadier in pitch, more varied in volume and less strained. Power sounds distinctive, creating hierarchies measurable through waves of sound.

That is the finding of research published last year in the journal Psychological Science, adding weight to the idea that a speaker’s power comes not just from words but also acoustics. Crucially, it’s not about being loud; just turning up the volume can actually be a sign of relative weakness.

“The easiest way to exert authority is by speaking more loudly. But that can just come across as yelling, which can turn people off,” said Adam Galinsky, a professor at the Columbia Business School, who wrote the paper along with researchers from San Diego State University. “It’s not the volume, but the ability to control it.”

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The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers (12) in a win at Minnesota on Sunday. He is known for using a deceptive hard count.Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Throws Off Defenders With His VoiceNOV. 23, 2014 Carolyn Hopkins, the voice of many transportation system’s announcements including the New York City MTA, works at her home studio in Hampden, Maine.Announcing the Subway Announcement LadyNOV. 14, 2010 The paper’s findings come from two experiments. In the first, 161 undergraduate students (both men and women) read from the Rainbow Passage, a classic text used to measure voice articulation. The readings allowed the scholars to establish the baseline acoustics of study subjects using six standard measures around pitch, … den ganzen Artikel im Original weiterlesen

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